Monday, November 22, 2010

Recruiting Help to Keep Up With the House

As you can imagine, with 5 kids, one dog, two cats, and a husband :) there's lots to keep up with in this house. Between homeschooling, working, cooking, cleaning and running errands; it's hard to get it all done. So, I've been thinking (dangerous, I know)!! I came up with a way to get kiddos involved and get them "earning" their privileges here at the house ie: computer and game time.

It was getting so frustrating to be the ONLY person doing any housework. I would look around and see two boys on the game systems, two girls on their little portable game systems and one daddy on a computer. Now, don't get me wrong, I realize, I'm the MOMMY - that's what I do. However, when what I'm picking up are barbie dolls, baby doll clothes, legos, and dirty clothes from the bathroom (that aren't mine) enough is enough!

Here's the game-plan!! The following chart is "What can get you minutes?". I came up with a few chores all the kiddos can do or help with and assigned minutes to them. (Sorry you have to turn your head to read it, forgot to turn it right-side up.)

Once they have completed the chore, they come tell me, I inspect the work, and said minutes are rewarded. If they do things on their own, they get rewarded with extra minutes. We started this morning and so far, they are working very hard to earn some play minutes for the evening and weekends:) This is what they did in their first hour of being awake this morning.
Kinda hard to see I know, but each of them have earned over 40 minutes of electronic playtime. The best part, I didn't have to ask, beg, or yell to get any of it done.

Now, before anyone says, "they're kids, come on, they need their playtime!" I ask you REALLY? They NEED endless, unending, unsupervised computer or game time? I just don't think so. You're right, they are kids and need their playtime which is why time actually spent playing with toys is not part of this deal. I just don't feel that spending all evening/day on a computer or game system is helping them in anyway. I realize they enjoy it, so I'll not put a complete stop to it. However, it will be controlled and monitored. That's my job as MOM!!! I realize I messed up before by not having controlled limits from the beginning, but this is my fix it and I hope I can stick to it. I'm notorious for starting these kinds of projects and letting them slip into extinction:( Again, my fault and I'm working on it!!!

Sorry this turned into one LONG blog. I guess it probably needs a better title to include everything. Something more like, Mom messed up and here's the fix-it plan!! Oh well.

Monday, November 15, 2010

BIG Announcement

So, it's been quite some time since I've made a post. Blogging takes up more time and creativity than I thought. I guess my life is just not that exciting - well usually isn't. Right now, the family is pretty excited to announce Baby #6!! That's right, number 6!!! And here's the first peek.

That's my little peanut right there. Of course in the ultrasound, I was 8 weeks. I am now 13 weeks :) After 3 previous miscarriages, I was a bit leery of making the big announcement, but I think/hope/pray it's safe now.

We told the other 5 last week and as usual, I didn't have my camera ready, but should have. You would think after 5 children I would have learned that lesson already!!! But NO!! Anyway, the older 4 are very excited, and Mini-ME just isn't sure what all the excitement is about. She loves babies. We have 3 little ones in our church right now, and she's all over them. I'm just not sure how she'll feel about one in her very own space. Time will tell huh?

Well, I've made all the appropriate family calls and felt it now safe to declare it over the web. What better way than my all too often forgotten web page? Maybe then it'll at least get a few family hits that want to follow the pregnancy :)