Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Take On Nap Time

All of my little blessings have been different, but one thing is the same - they all REQUIRED naps. Today though, I found out a new reason for the little ones naps that I had never thought about before; OLDER SIBLING RELIEF. Though all my children love each other (most of the time), they have spoiled Mini-Me excessively!!! They are very good about including her in most everything they do. But, like mommy, they need a break! So, yet another IMPORTANT reason for baby and toddler nap time .

Princess 1 and Princess 2 playing on the computer, without little sister pushing buttons :)

Mr Gamer, playing video games, without little sister pushing buttons :)
Mr. Helper playing a video game with Mr. Gamer without little sister pushing buttons, sitting on their laps, or standing in front of the tv :)

As a mother of 5, I have had my share of nap-time nightmares. Finally, after number 5, I think I have it figured out:
1. Have a consistent time for naps. Try not to schedule things during little ones nap time.
2. Have a nap time routine. For instance, we get a drink; find the binky, blankie, and spot(her little stuffed Dalmation); then I let her turn on her music; get and give kisses; then I put her in the crib.
3. Use nap time to your advantage also. Mini-Me's nap time is when we get most of our school work done, because she's not trying to "help" everyone.

Mini-Me taking a much needed afternoon nap :D

Monday, June 28, 2010

Turning Into Our Parents

We've all said it at one time in our life right, "I won't ever do that to my kids"? Well, I did! Recently, I've been finding that I too have turned into my mother. Don't misunderstand, I'm not speaking ill of my mother. I love her very much and miss her very much since she went to be with the Lord two years ago. But, since her passing, I have found myself really watching how I parent, and turns out, I find a lot of the things I do are just like her. Today, my thoughts are on pets.

I distinctly remember growing up wanting a indoor kitten so badly, I cried and had a neighbor bring one over so my mom couldn't refuse in front of the neighbor boy (sneaky huh?). Well, it worked, I got my first indoor kitten. I heard the typical statements from Mom, "She can stay in the house as long as you clean up after her?" Well, I was in 7th grade at the time, and a busy little girl, cheerleading, band, basketball, etc...... Soon enough, my mom had enough and out went the kitten. I was heartbroken. Now, keep in mind, she didn't make me get rid of her, just put her outside.

Now, I've been through my share of pets, cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, and even a rabbit. Currently, we only have 2 cats and a dog, as I too had to thin out the pets. I did no harm to any of them. I gave the ones that outlasted me away!! This morning though, after vacuuming up enough animal fur out of my house to create another pet in my vacuum, I'm starting to understand my mom's reasoning for NO PETS IN THE HOUSE!!!!

It has all come full circle. I'm the one now saying NO MORE PETS IN THE HOUSE. I can't bring myself to throw out my 16 year old cat (the guilt would break me if something happened to her outside). But, I'm here to tell you, NO MORE. When these cats are gone, the only cats you'll find at my house will be outside. And as for the dog, my husband is working on an outside kennel to keep her in when we're not home. There have been some pets missing in our neighborhood and we don't want her stolen. She is full-blooded German Sheperd and cost us too much money to disappear. Not too mention, we all do love her. I am just tired of all the fur and dirt in my house!!!

So, it is true!! I have turned into my mom. However, I have also come to realize, that's not a bad thing! My parents loved me and did their absolute best. I can give my children no less, and am very thankful for the example I grew up with. I'm glad some of it rubbed off on me, and I can only hope that some of it rubs off on them!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting on the Blogger Band-wagon

Well, I've done it. I got on the blogger band-wagon. I have a couple of friends who blog regularly, and thought that it was a great way to share and keep in touch. The title Blessed Beyond All Measure sums up my life. I am a Child of the King and God has blessed my life unbelievably and most undeserved. Psalms 103:2 "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:" I can not even begin to tell you anything about myself without first saying, "All I have is what God has given me and I'm thankful for it." Good and bad, all things happen for a reason and I try to take that little lesson and apply it to my everyday life.

As I said in the About Me section, I'm a very simple person. I try to make things as easy as possible for myself. I've learned a lot from other sites and hope to maybe share a few things I've learned on my own (usually the hard way) with others.

A simple introduction : I am wife to Thad, mother of Mr. Helper, Mr. Gamer, Princess 1 and Princess 2 and then there's Mini-Me. You counted right, 5 in all. I homeschool the 4 oldest while trying to keep Mini-Me entertained and out of their way (I'll get into that later). I am also a Registered Nurse.

So, hopefully, I can get a lot of helpful tips and share some of my hard-learned lessons with others.