Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Take On Nap Time

All of my little blessings have been different, but one thing is the same - they all REQUIRED naps. Today though, I found out a new reason for the little ones naps that I had never thought about before; OLDER SIBLING RELIEF. Though all my children love each other (most of the time), they have spoiled Mini-Me excessively!!! They are very good about including her in most everything they do. But, like mommy, they need a break! So, yet another IMPORTANT reason for baby and toddler nap time .

Princess 1 and Princess 2 playing on the computer, without little sister pushing buttons :)

Mr Gamer, playing video games, without little sister pushing buttons :)
Mr. Helper playing a video game with Mr. Gamer without little sister pushing buttons, sitting on their laps, or standing in front of the tv :)

As a mother of 5, I have had my share of nap-time nightmares. Finally, after number 5, I think I have it figured out:
1. Have a consistent time for naps. Try not to schedule things during little ones nap time.
2. Have a nap time routine. For instance, we get a drink; find the binky, blankie, and spot(her little stuffed Dalmation); then I let her turn on her music; get and give kisses; then I put her in the crib.
3. Use nap time to your advantage also. Mini-Me's nap time is when we get most of our school work done, because she's not trying to "help" everyone.

Mini-Me taking a much needed afternoon nap :D

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