Monday, June 11, 2012

Plan for This CrAzY Week!!!

This week is even more crazy than usual.  Let me first start out with this was my weekend to work,  so I just finished up three 12 hour night shifts at the hospital.  I left early this morning only to rush home to help get the two eldest out the door to camp.  I'll add here that if I hadn't come home,  they would have forgotten their pillows, Bibles, and Mr Gamer his contact case (and that's just what I know of).  I can only hope that I will get a little sleep today since my babysitters are gone:(  Princess 1 is gonna have to step up.

Next big thing this week - I start my new job!! YAY!! I can't tell you how excited I am.  However,  little did I know that my first week on the new job would require me to be there EVERY day! I'm only part time, but the full-time person is on vacation.  I get to fill in.  Fortunately,  my new boss seems to be very reasonable and is allowing me to only work half days due to baby sitting issues (again, my baby sitter is at camp).  So,  I'm having to come up with baby sitters (not an easy task when you have more than say 2 children).  Any volunteers????  It'll all work out,  it always does:)

Now,  the menu plan for the week.  Since I will be working everyday,  I'm planning simple and easy to fix meals.

Monday - crock pot roast, potatoes and carrots

Tuesday - hamburgers and hot dogs, fries, green beans, and applesauce

Wednesday - we're going up to the camp to see our boys :)

Thursday - ravioli with garlic toast

Friday - grilled chicken, cooked carrots, mac n cheese, crescent rolls

Saturday - pizza

Sunday - Hubby's choice (within reason, keeping in mind I'll be working a half day)

I'm also hoping to get some more painting done this week!!!  Busy, busy, busy :)

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