Monday, December 30, 2013

Elvin's Antics

Three years ago we started the Elf on the Shelf fun here at our house.  I didn't go buy the expensive little guy that came with the book.  I just grabbed a cute little elf at a local craft store (much cheaper) and off we went.  This year was a lot of fun, as usual.  Here are some of the things he got into this year:

 Elvin was the d.j. at his going away party he threw himself!!
 the party guests
 Dressed up and ready for church
 wrapped up some gifts for the kiddos
 Packed and ready to head to WV with the gang.  Unfortunately,  I needed him to stay home and care for the kittens!!
 Showing off for the ladies
 Giving a Christmas concert for some friends
 He tp'd my tree :-(
 Making himself a house to stay awhile
 He made us some cookies
 Elvin was missing the North Pole - he made it snow in my house??????
 Roasting marshmallows
 Captured by the south
 Tangled in the tinsel
HE'S BACK!!!!!

I know the pics are backwards,  but I added them the wrong way!!  He was a lot of fun this year.  I can hardly wait for next year, I already have a few ideas brewing!!!

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