Thursday, December 9, 2010

Concentrated vs Diluted

So, as we know, I homeschool my 4 school aged children (and love it). Today, my 5th grader was struggling to understand the difference between something being concentrated and diluted. I tried just talking him through it, but the light bulb just wasn't coming on. So, usually I'm not terribly creative on my own. I usually have to research on the web. However, it dawned on me.......Kool-Aid. I could show him better than explain it.

I took him to the kitchen and we got out a packet of kool-aid. We started by putting the called for 1 cup of sugar, then the packet of kool-aid, and finally started adding water. We only put in 1/4 gallon of water instead of the called for 1/2 gallon. Then, he got to taste it.......It was very concentrated, more solute(the powder) than solvent(the water)!!!! So, we then finished putting the called for amount of water in and he tasted again.......Just right this time. Then, to let him experience diluted, I poured half a glass of the "just right" kool-aid and filled the cup the rest of the way with more water..............Now he was able to taste diluted!!!

The best part..... after the whole experience was done, my son looks at me and says, "Why didn't the computer teacher just say that?" He continues on by telling me I should be a teacher. LOL!! There are days I definitely feel like a complete failure as a homeschooling mom. This thankfully was NOT one of them. Once again, I'm so glad I have made this choice to teach my children at home...

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