Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Been a Little Busy

So, I haven't put many posts on here, but in my defense, I've been a LITTLE busy. Baby Samuel is a precious little addition to our family, but a busy one. However, I think I am finally getting into a routine. A lot of people ask me how do you do it all with 6 kids. To be honest, I don't do it ALL!!! I prioritize. I have survived since my mother-in-law left, but that's all, SURVIVED. She was such a help - THANK YOU SO MUCH KAY!!!!!

So, here is what I've discovered:

1. Kids come first. Make sure they have all eaten and are all present and accounted for:)
2. LAUNDRY - we all have to have clothes to wear since we don't live in a nudist colony:)
3. Dinner - This is probably hubby's biggest pet peeve (well, no underwear ranks right up there). He would rather eat a home cooked meal than go out to eat or order in (I guess that's a compliment to my cooking).
4. Dishes - we have to have some clean dishes to eat all the meals on.
5. The rest just gets done as there is time ie: vacuuming (needs to be done more often since our German Shepard is shedding), dusting, cleaning in general!!!

That's the basics of it. If I can get through the day and all the kids have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner on clean dishes and have clean clothes to wear; I'm feeling pretty good about the day:) If you show up at my house, just remember it is WELL lived in!!! There are 2 adults, six kids, 2 cats and a dog living here and unfortunately most of the time it shows. Now, if you give me a little notice (by that I mean more than a day), I will try my best to have it presentable for you;)

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