Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Little home improvement projects = Big time chaos

This past week has been a MESS!!  I mean literally.  It was so bad, I wouldn't even take a picture of it to post on here.  On the bright side, we have made some progress. 

About a week and a half ago, my oven gave up the ghost (actually it caught on fire, but who's keeping details?).   As usual though, one thing leads to another and the project is no longer just replacing the oven.  He decided to go ahead and add the cabinet/counter top by the table and the food prep area outside.  Then, cut out the cabinets where the new stove/oven goes, and finish the rest as we get time and money.  The rest being new counter tops throughout kitchen and a new sink and another dishwasher.

So, while I'm loving the extra counter space,  it sure did make a mess of my kitchen and dining room where I had to store everything until things were once again livable.  Plus, we'll not even talk about all the eating out since my cooktop was taken out on Tuesday and not replaced until Sunday!!   

Now, for some pictures.  Please keep in mind, it's not even close to finished. 

 This is a dead space in my kitchen.  There use to be a washer and dryer at one time I guess, but ours are downstairs.  Since there are cabinets above,  there's not alot you can do with this area except pile up clutter, which I was really good at.
 This is where they removed the cook top and cut out the cabinets (left side of pic) to place the new oven/stove top. Lost some good cabinet space there. 
The outside cabinets and counter tops for food prep and serving space.  Love it!!  The previously pictured dead space now has a cabinet(waiting to be finished) and counter top. Yay!!!!

Obviously there is a lot more to do, but it's a start.  The contractor won't be back until next week and hopefully the rest of the kitchen will have new counter tops as well, a new sink in the kitchen, and the old kitchen sink placed outside in the space out there.  We're also hoping for another dishwasher placed inside and one outside, for a total of 3.  Can anyone use three dishwashers, you ask?  I'm thinking I can give a good try.  The third one outside, will really only be used when we're eating/grilling outside, keeps from tracking in and out.  I can't wait til it's all finished.

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