Friday, March 28, 2014

Overnight Refrigerated Oatmeal

I'm going to be honest here.  I am NOT a morning person.  I should be.  I'm a mommy of 6 and should be up at the crack of dawn, right?  Well,  I am a sleeper.  I LOVE MY SLEEP!!!  I usually do not get into bed before 11, so I prefer to stay in bed in the morning.  Of course hubby would prefer I get up and make him breakfast before he heads to work, BUT..........

So, when these little yogurt/oatmeal jars started popping up on my facebook feed,  hubby and I thought we would give them a try.  I can fix them the night before and he has a healthy breakfast before heading into work.  PLUS,  I get to stay in the bed a bit longer.  I checked the internet and found a couple different sites with recipes.  Like all recipes, you can customize them to your likes and dislikes.  You can do just oats and milk as your base; oats, milk, and plain yogurt; oats, milk, and greek yogurt; or oats, milk, and flavored yogurt.   The options are pretty much endless.

We started with oats, milk, and plain yogurt as the base this time,  but I think I'll try flavored yogurts next.  Hubby said while it's not his favorite breakfast,  he will eat them a couple mornings and I'll STAY IN BED!!!  SCORE!!!

Here's what you need:
        Half pint jar
        1/4 cup rolled oats
        1/4 cup whole milk
        1/4 cup yogurt
        1 tsp chia seeds
        1 tsp honey or maple syrup*
        1/4 cup fruit mixture of your choice*

*The honey or maple syrup is your sweetener.  You can choose which you use based on what else you plan to put in the base mixture.  For example, I used maple syrup with blueberries and the apple/cinnamon ones,  but honey with the strawberry/banana mix.  It's up to you.

*The fruit mixture can be whatever you like; peaches and pecans, raspberries and vanilla, pineapple and coconut, banana and peanut butter, etc.  Again, the choices are endless.  For our first batch,  we used blueberries and maple syrup; applesauce(1/4 cup) and cinnamon(1 tsp); and strawberries and bananas.

It's an easy breakfast for kiddos and the hubby without a lot of prep time, or a healthy afternoon snack.  I like it!!

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