Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Tambourines

Well, it's almost Christmas!!! Just 9 more days!  Are you ready??  I am NOT.  However, I have made a lot of progress in the past couple weeks.

One of the things on our to do lists has been Bible Club at church.  Usually we alternate weeks, but due to a new addition in our church (yep another baby boy) we have had it every week in December.  So,,,,, I've had to come up with some crafts to keep those kiddos entertained.

The great thing about finding crafts for church,  I've also been able to incorporate a couple into our school days too.  It's nice to take a break and have some fun from the books:)

Here's one we made this week at the house. 

The Christmas Tambourine

Here's what you need:
     2 heavy duty paper plates
     jingle bells
     hole punch
     markers, crayons, paint, or whatever you want to use to color your plates ( I used crayons, less      mess)

This is probably the easiest one I've done so far.  All you do is color the bottom side of the plates.  Then glue them together so that the bottoms are facing out.  Punch as many holes around the outside of the plates as you want.  I couldn't do as many because I had to divide 35 jingle bells between 6 kids (should have gotten more bells).  String the cord through the holes adding a jingle bell for each hole that you go through.  When you've completed the circle, tie the ends of the cord together.  Then, commence to making noise!!!!  Sing Jingle Bells.  Have fun with them.

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  1. Looks like LOTS of fun and even more noise!! I'm sure the kiddos are enjoying them!!