Friday, June 14, 2013

Our oldest turned 15 this week......  

What happened?  

Where has the time gone?  

When did my 8 lb baby boy that couldn't talk turn into a young man that argues about EVERYTHING?   

While he is a helpful and mostly responsible young man,  we are starting to have the "teenage attitude"  inserted into most of our conversations;  you know,  the sighing, the huffing, and rolling of eyes.   Evidently, I was born yesterday and I don't have a clue about life.  

It's all good though.  I've been expecting it.  Actually,  I'm quite fortunate it didn't happen earlier. The down side is that while it took my oldest a little longer to hit this stage,  his 13 year old brother slide right into it       :(        

The good news:  I realize it could be so much worse!! 

The bad news:  I have 4 more to go through this teen phase!!!

Here he is, doing one of the things he does very well,  entertaining baby brother. He really is a good kid.  I considered myself blessed to be called his mom!!    

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