Monday, February 24, 2014

Disney 2014 Pics

I shared a few pics from our vacation off my phone here on my Menu Plan Monday last week.  I have more though.  Keep in mind, these are just some of the MANY pictures I take.  Hubby gets a little frustrated.  Even though it wasn't our first time at Disney, I still stopped to get kids pics with characters, as well as many of the same pics of parades, rides, and surroundings.  Buy hey,  the last time we went, we didn't have Baby Samuel!  That means all of these things were new to him and he just LOVED it ALL!!! Well, not the haunted mansion (yes, we took him on there), but everything else :-)

So, without further adieu:

 My absolute favorite picture!!  

Can you tell we had a lot of fun?  If only we could do this two or three times a year. Still very thankful for the times we are blessed enough to get away with our little family.  God has truly blessed us!!  So thankful!!!

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