Monday, January 24, 2011

Easy Ham and Cheese Crescents

So, as usual, we were tired of eating the same ole sandwiches and stuff for lunch. However, we didn't want to increase the grocery bill or amount of time it took to get lunch done during the school day. That's when I got on the internet and found this idea on a blog site (unfortunately, I can't remember which one.) A simple ham and cheese on a crescent. There are a lot of variations and things you can add for your tastes. My kids however, are very simple; just ham and cheese please.

Let's get started cause this could take a while! LOL Simply, get a can of crescent rolls and start making your sandwiches. You can add whatever you want, ham and cheese, roast beef and provolone, turkey and cheese, spread a little pizza sauce and pepperoni with cheese, use italian dressing with pepperoni, salami, ham and cheese- then you have mini strombolies without all the work........Add whatever fixings you like, peppers, onions, banana peppers, black olives, mushrooms, etc........The possibilities are ENDLESS.

These are ours, like I said, simple ham and provolone cheese!!
Then of course, just roll them up like you would the plan crescents.
I baked them the same amount of time the crescent rolls called for (can't remember exact time, but it's on the crescent can.)
These are some golden brown, warm, delicious sandwiches.
YUMMY!!! Didn't really take any longer to fix than different kinds of sandwiches for all the kids. Everyone ate them except for Princess 1 and she doesn't eat meat for the most part, but that's a whole other story. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Those look yummy! And how did I not know you were blogging?