Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting Excited

Well, I'm really starting to get excited now. I went shopping today for a baby shower gift for a friend. She's having a little girl. Her C-section is already scheduled for the end of February. I saw all those little baby things and just almost couldn't help myself. Of course, my checkbook helped me contain my spending!!!!

I had my two oldest girls with me, and we had such fun looking at all the stuff. We decided on a feeding theme for the gift. We got bottles, binkies, and bibs. Then, we thought, what goes in must come out. RIGHT????? So, we also picked up diaper cream and a changing station. Now, I thought this was cute, my boys thought it was gross:)

Of course, I had to pick something up for baby. We got him a binky with his name on it. We'll see if he even takes to a binky when he's born. My second, Mr. Gamer, wanted nothing to do with binkies:) They've all been soooo different.

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