Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's a...................

Well, as usual it's been a while since I've been on here. However, we have some news!!! As mentioned in my last post, I had a great desire to find out what we were having, Boy or Girl!! As I said before, it doesn't matter one way or another, as long as little one is healthy, but I WANTED to know. We had our ultrasound January 4, 2011 and the result is.............
IT"S A BOY!!!! Just in case you can't figure out the ultrasound.

We are very excited. Though, we would be just as excited if this were a little girl. I do think that my littlest right now will deal better with a baby boy than a baby girl. She has said baby boy from the very beginning.

I've added just a couple of the pictures they got. I tell you I am amazed at what you can see inside of me. It just awes me everytime I have an ultrasound. However, with my last baby as well as this one, I have been able to have 3D and 4D ultrasounds. They truly put me in AWE of what is going on in there. They are even able to watch the baby move. I might try to post that one later. But for now, enjoy the pics.


He's smiling at us :) It's just so precious that we can see all this so early. Though this little fellow is only 20 weeks in my womb, he moves, he can smile (as you can see), has his own heartbeat, he is practicing breathing already, and swallowing, and doing all kinds of things on his own. I'm only his oven and food source right now. I love him just as much as if he were already in my arms.

My prayer right now is that he is healthy and I can carry him to term. With my health issues, that is a little bit iffy?? They have already thrown out the word bedrest and I'm a little bit nervous. For two reasons, I can't afford to be on bedrest, and if they are throwing that word around, they are a little concerned as well. So, prayers are appreciated and I will keep you posted.

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