Saturday, August 20, 2011

17 Years Ago Today

I married my best friend and high-school sweetheart. We were obviously young (as you can see in the pic)!! I'm sure there were some that didn't think we would make it this far, but we did. I'm sure some thought we didn't know what love was. I think we did and still do. I think more than anything, we both determined this was our LIFETIME together, for better or worse, no matter what. It wasn't a trial run, and getting out wasn't an option.

We have had many good times and probably just as many hard times. I know that there is no one in this world I would have rather been with through them. We have been through some tough loses; 3 miscarriages, the death of my mother, and most of our grandparents. But, we've also had the JOY and privilege of bringing 6 beautiful children into this world together.

Times they sure have changed and so have we. It's scary really. He can look at me and know what I'm thinking. There are times I will say something and he will have been thinking about the same thing. I have picked up my phone to call him only to him already being on the other end cause he was going to call me. I once heard that after years of marriage you can finish each others sentences and thought they were crazy, but it's true. I know what he's thinking just by looking at him.

He even knows my taste in appliances and furniture. For instance, when I was on bed rest with Baby Samuel, our washing machine gave up the ghost. I obviously couldn't go shopping for a new one, so off he went. My only specifications were BIGGER and a front-loader. There was no arguing when he got home and no disappointment.

I can honestly say a lot of things have changed in our lives (you can see some of the differences in the two pictures), but some things never do. He is still my very best friend. He will always be my high school sweetheart, and is still very much the love of my life. I'm looking forward to the crazy years ahead. One thing about our life together, it has NEVER been boring!!

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