Friday, August 19, 2011


Well, reason number two that August is one of my favorite months, MY BIRTHDAY!!! And yes, I still celebrate them even though I'm 30something :) Ask me again after my 40th in a few years. Honestly though, most days I don't feel my age, guess it's all the little ones in my house. LOVE THEM!!! They keep me moving and keep me feeling young, usually.

Today though, I'm a little whiny. I just don't think you should be sick on your birthday and on top of that I have to work. UGH!!! NOT FAIR, but like I tell my kids, life is not always fair. So, I'm just going to enjoy my day with my beautiful children, take a nap this afternoon, and then head on into work armed with my cough medicine, cough drops, and a good attitude!!

Now, I was going to put a picture up here of me, but I don't have one. You know, I'm always the one taking the pictures and all the pictures with me in them are family pictures. So, I thought, I'll just take one of me. However, feeling the way I do today, that would just not be pretty so I won't punish you!!


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