Monday, October 17, 2011


Well, it was a crazy, busy Saturday.  The boys in green had their bowl day and homecoming ceremony.  What a long day!! We had to be at the field by 9am and didn't get home until 6pm.  Then, of course, I still had to go to work for the standard 12 hours of craziness at the hospital.

All the teams played and I have already decided Baby Samuel will be playing football as early as possible.  Those little fellas running around the field are soooo cute, and the cheerleaders, ADORABLE!!

I don't know all the scores, but the 13 year old team (William) won their game.  The 11-12 year olds (Noah) tied their game (well, they actually won, but they don't count the score for the entire first quarter).  The 9-10 year olds lost their game by 1 point in the last minute of the game :(  The little fellas (6-8 year olds) not only looked cute, but won their game as well. 


I wish I could have gotten better pictures, but they were in the middle of the field and I was still in the bleachers. 

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