Monday, October 10, 2011

Plan for the Week

Well, once again, I'm late with my weekly plan.  This week looks like it's going to be cool and RAIINY!! Great weather for soup, so I've planned a couple nights just for that.  True to recent form, it looks like EVERYTHING will be done in the crock pot this week (sorry boys). 

Sunday - We had steak n gravy (in the crock pot of course)
Monday - Taco Soup 
Tuesday - BBQ Pork chops,  homemade mac n cheese, peas, crescent rolls
Wednesday - Chicken n Dumplings (going to try this in the crock pot), green beans, mashed potatoes
Thursday -broccoli cheese chicken and rice - this is a new recipe I'm trying, will share if I like :)
Friday - Chili
Saturday - IT'S BOWL DAY!! The boys have football stuff all day.  It's their homecoming. They have to escort a girl, buy her flowers and get pictures taken.  So exciting!!  Of course they could care less, they just want to play their games:)  Anyhoooo, whatever we eat before I go to work will probably be ordered in. 

Hope everyone enjoys their week.  I know mine will fly by since it's my work weekend.  Ugh!!!!!

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