Monday, March 11, 2013

Cell Phone Catastrophe

Admit it,  we're all attached to our cell phones.  While I would like to say it's just to have in case of emergency,  I would be lying!!!  I use my phone to check facebook,  look up phone numbers,  get me directions, etc., etc.  Yes,  I'm attached.  So,  when this happened:
 I was a bit upset.  First of all,  when I dropped the poor thing, for the 500th time probably, I was actually trying to put it up safely so I wouldn't knock it off of the counter (FAIL).  Second,  it was a full two months before my upgrade!!!

 So,  I did what any creative,  practical person would do,  I used some tape and held it together for a couple days until the new screen I ordered arrived.  Then,  I proceeded to do some electrical gadget surgery.  How hard could it be anyway?  I mean,  I changed the screen in my laptop once,  I could do this, RIGHT???

Looks pretty good, huh?  Well,  looks can be deceiving!!  I WAS very proud of myself.  I took it apart and put it back together all by myself (with the help of You-Tube).  I proceeded to send texts,  get on the web browser and all sorts of wonderful things and I thought I had won.  THEN, I made an actual phone call!  Here's the best part,  I could hear them,  but they couldn't hear me (hubby said it was the best phone I ever had, LOL).

Now,  I am upset.  Two months with a phone that doesn't actually work as a phone.  At this point,  it functioned more like an ipod!! UGH!!!

Hubby to the rescue!!  He spent the better part of an afternoon on the phone with our cell carrier and convinced them to change my upgrade date (if they valued us as customers) and then went and purchased a Samsung Galaxy S3 for me.  How awesome is that??  He's so sweet,  I think I'll keep him.

Now,  to get a serious case for this phone.  If I drop and break this one,  hubby will NOT be happy!!!

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