Monday, November 11, 2013

Menu Plan Monday November 11, 2013

The colder weather is rolling in according to the news, they are even throwing around the "s" word.  Snow down south sends people into a panic. I personally love it.  It's so pretty for a short period of time,  then it's gone!!!
 This was our house a couple years ago.  This slowed people down for about 2 days. This is nothing where I'm from, so I'm waiting to see. 

 This colder weather means my menu this week has soups, comfort foods, and a lot of hot chocolate on it.  I will share the hot chocolate recipe later this week - IT IS AMAZING!!! 

I'm off of work this week, so we are super focused on getting a lot of school projects that require my attention done.  It looks to be a hands on week in school, which means less time in the kitchen.  I'll be putting my 3 crock pots to work for sure!!!

Here's the plan:

MONDAY - Pulled Pork(crock pot) sandwiches, roasted potatoes, green beans

TUESDAY - Potato soup (crock pot)

WEDNESDAY - Whole Chicken in crock pot, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls

THURSDAY - Crock Pot Lasagna, garlic bread

FRIDAY - Roast, potatoes, carrots (in the crock pot)

SATURDAY - hamburgers, fries

SUNDAY - I work again, so it's up to hubby where they eat!!

For more meal planning ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.  Have a great week!!!

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