Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

What a great Easter Sunday.  We spent the day together as a family, which is something we don't get to do often enough.  

Of course, everyone was excited about their Easter baskets (which I put together that morning):

Surprisingly, we got everyone ready early enough for some family pictures.  Sadly,  getting them ready for the picture was easier than getting a good picture.  
 Note the face on the youngest girl, it doesn't get much better.
 We even moved to where the sun was behind them. Still, no cooperation from little one (she wouldn't even stand in this one).
Finally one with all the kids,  but asking for open eyes was just too much!!!

We then enjoyed a wonderful church service and lunch at home. We had hoped to go on a picnic lunch and hike, but the weather said it would be too windy.  After lunch, we decided to go for the hike anyway.  We got the kitchen cleaned up and headed over to Paris Mountain State Park.  We even took Bella with us. 

 Checking out the lake
 Baby Samuel had a great time being toted around.
 Posing for a picture, while everyone else walks on
 I'm lagging behind - my excuse - I was taking pics
 Moving right along
 The walkway in front of the falls
A little closer on the rocks, but where's Baby Samuel? 
 Oh, there he is!!
 Handsome Mr Gamer
 Bella (better known as puppers)
Bella, "Can I come in the water, please???"
Oh how I wish I had video taped this.  She just jumped off that little wall, right into the water.  Note the girls faces,  they got quite wet when she jumped in.

It was a great day with family.  However,  we could never forget the reason for our celebration - He's alive!!  So thankful Christ willingly laid down his life for me!!  What a thought!  Even better though is that He conquered death and the grave, and on the third day ROSE AGAIN!!!  What a gift.  Our church choir performed a great cantata, which ended with one of my favorite songs, THIS BLOOD.  Enjoy!!

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