Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween 2012 A Little Late

This year I had 3 princesses and a Tigger!!  Amazingly enough,  I was able to take them to a trunk or treat and still get home, get everyone ready,  and make it to church.  Not going to get into a great debate about that one,  I've heard enough.  I'll just let the pictures show you how cute they were and how much fun we had.

 The way to trick or treat,  get yourself a ride!!

 Patiently waiting in line and entertaining Tigger.  He would have rather been bouncing around (like Tigger's do).

 Pocahontas stopping to pose.

 Candy's all gathered, time for a picture!!

 So cute!!

 Beautiful Pocahontas and Jasmine!!


What fun we had.  We have candy to last us through this weekend at least, LOL!!!!

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