Thursday, November 15, 2012

Two Kids + Five Shots = Lots of Tears

You would think after 6 kids I would know better.  Evidently NOT!!  I scheduled my 4 year old and 18 month old well visits for the same time/same day.  When I did,  I didn't even have vaccinations on my mind,  just one less trip.

I do really like our pediatrician.  All the nurses are great and most of the doctors.  There is this one,  but that's another post (I just request not to see him).  They are pretty good about getting you in and out in a reasonable time.  There's nothing worse than spending half a day WAITING to see a doctor.

So,  things are going well UNTIL,  the nurse brings in the trays with the syringes.  Mini-Me, of course having made enough trips with me to know what that was, immediately went into hiding.

Poor baby Samuel, not expecting the needles again was blissfully happy for a short time.  I mean the doctor was done probing and he was sitting on a big table all by himself.

Before it was all done,  there was a lot of crying, many tears, and a lot of hugging going around.  I finally got them both dressed again and I assure you they were ready to get out of there!

They had their prizes in hand from the nurses and my promise to get them sour candies after IF they were good.  And by good I mean Mini-Me sat up there like a big girl and got her 3 (count them three) shots in her arms.  All considering,  it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Being a nurse myself,  I've seen worse behavior from ADULTS!!  However,  I should not schedule two kids to get shots on the same day again.  That doesn't mean I won't though,  cause I'm always trying to condense trips and appointments.

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