Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thanksgiving

In the land of facebook,  many people were posting each day what they are thankful for.  I'm going to do it all right here,  because I knew I would forget and miss many days.  So, here's my list:

     1.  First of all,  I'm thankful for my salvation.  My relationship with Christ gives me love, hope, peace, and so much more.

     2.  My highschool sweetheart, my hubby.  I don't know what I'd do without him.

     3.  My 6 beautiful children, they are a handful,  but I love them.

     4.  Caring, Godly parents, both mine and hubby's!!

     5.  Our home - it's not big and fancy, but it is just what we need.

     6.  Our jobs - I'm so glad I can honestly be thankful for my job.  This year the Lord provided a new position in which I have better hours and less stress.

     7.  Our vehicles - I know this one sounds superficial,  but with 6 kids, transportation can get rather tricky.  We have been blessed with 2 full sized vans, one of which is all wheel drive so we can visit family in the winter.

     8.  Our church - Thankful for a place I can freely go and worship with like believers.

     9.  My country - The greatest on Earth, still!!  Even with everything going on right now,  there is no place else I'd rather be.

     10.  My dear friends - you know who you are!  I love that even though we no longer live close by, anytime I call,  they listen! They also know the same is reversed!!

     11.  Freedom -  I'm thankful for the freedoms we are given.  I fear we are letting them go one by one without even being aware what is happening.

     12.  I'm thankful for always having food in our cabinets.  We may not be eating steaks very often,  but we have NEVER went hungry.

     13.  Another odd one,  but I'm thankful for telephones and internet.  They allow me to keep in touch with family and friends I don't get to see often.

     14.  I'm thankful for my Bible.  I'm thankful for the guidance it provides.

     15.  Prayer - for the ability to go directly to my Saviour with my needs, and for knowing that there are others praying for me as I pray for them.

     16.  My washer and dryer - again,  it seems silly,  but doing laundry for 8 people, I'm VERY thankful for my washer and dryer!!!

     17.  Running water and electricity - My dad recently went 2 full weeks without power.  He did have a generator so not all was lost,  but I'm so thankful that my lights turn on when I flip the switch and for knowing that even when the power is out,  it should eventually come back on.

     18.  The freedom to home school - People often ask why I have chosen this and I have many reasons,  but one main one is it allows me MORE time with my children.  They grow up so fast.

     19.  Family - There are many and we don't always agree,  but they are the family God has given me and I love them all.

     20.  Thankful for God's Protection - every day that I get in my car, watch my children doing crazy things,  or some of the crazy things I've done myself,  I know that our guardian angels are working overtime.

     21.  Hope - another odd one,  but I'm thankful that my outlook on life is generally positive.  I know that no matter what,  my life is in God's hands.  I know that one day I'll see my mom and others that have passed on again.  Being a nurse,  I see a lot of people without hope and in such a sad state, that I'm just thankful for my hope!!

     22.  Our timeshare - I'm thankful that every other year,  we are able to get away as a family and enjoy ourselves, leaving the cares of daily life behind.  If it weren't for our timeshare,  I know we would not be able to have this luxury!!

     23.  Quiet time - Since I have 6 NOISY children in my house,  I am VERY thankful for the quiet moments.

     24.  Family time - I'm thankful I'm married to a man that enjoys time with his children and makes an effort to be with them.

     25.  Memories - I'm thankful that even when people are absent from this life,  there are so many memories recorded of their time with me:  pictures,  movies,  letters, little things passed on, etc......

     26.  God's timing - I'm always amazed how things work out.  God always knows what is best for us and just when we need things.

     27.  Love - I'm thankful for God's love for me, which allows me to love others.

     28. Dishwashers - Yep,  my dishwasher runs 2-3 times a day and if I had to handwash all those,  I'd be forever in my kitchen!!!

     29. Learned lessons -  I'm thankful for all the things I learned growing up and for the ability to learn from experiences every day. Sometimes those lessons are hard,  and it takes a little longer to sink into this hard head,  but lessons learned none the less!!!

     30.  Finally,  since we are now entering the Christmas holiday,  I'm thankful for God's son being born an earthly man and paying the ultimate price for MY sins allowing me to have hope for my future,  my children's futures, my family's futures and all those that receive His gift of salvation.  The knowledge that I will someday leave this world and live with Christ in Heaven is hope above all else.  There'll be no sorrow there,  no more burdens to bare,  no more sickness, no pain,  no more parting over there.  And forever I will be with the One who died for me,  What a day,  glorious day that will be!!!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  God bless!!

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