Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Thing Friday - Valentine's Day

Well,  for those that don't know me,  I'm married to a wonderful man,  BUT he's not a mushy, romantic type person.  I don't usually get flowers, candy,  or mushy love cards.

Before we get all upset,  I didn't say I never get anything,  just not typical things.

That leads to this years gift and my favorite Valentine gift so far:  a set of old chairs that PERFECTLY match my mom's antique table I have.

Isn't that lovely??  I absolutely cherish my mom's antiques.  They were something she loved to have and took great pride in them.  I guess that's why I love them too.  It's a part of her that I can keep close to me even though I'm far from home and she's in Heaven!!

I can't believe how well they go together.  The china cabinet in the back is also another piece my mom had.  They all look fabulous together in my RED kitchen!!!

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Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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