Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Benefits of a Large Family

It's happened to me more than once. I'm walking through Wal-Mart with my 5 children and inevitably, someone is caught counting, or will even ask me "are all of those yours?" . I find it annoying and amusing all at the same time.

This week, I've discovered yet another benefit of a large family. We have spent the past week with family in WV. Some have called it a vacation, but I've worked harder here than at my own house. My in-laws have a wood buring stove and use it quite a lot in the winter to help with the heating costs. It gets cold in WV! Well, my father-in-law has not been feeling well, and had a whole pile of wood in the back to stack for this winter (wish I had taken a picture of that). My hubby, being the good man he is, wanted to help. For three mornings, we stacked firewood. The very first day, the kiddos wore out quickly so, hubby started THE LINE. We lined the kids up and passed the logs down to daddy to be stacked, that worked out very well and the kiddos didn't complain near as much. Again, I wish I had gotten a picture but, I was in the line.

My hubby had heard and adopted the saying "Many hands make light work". He had heard it in a Sunday School Lesson at church and it absolutely fits our family. With everyone helping, what might have taken many, many hours only took about 6. They also got the added benefit of feeling good about helping someone out. What a blessing!!!!

Here is the crew line having some fun after the work was done (well, all except me of course, I was taking the picture as usual). Yes, they are all mine, except the oldest girl is our niece, she was a big helper too. Even the baby, peaking out around dad, carried her fair share of wood.
John Heywood

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