Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good News

Well, my high-risk OB doctor released me today. My blood pressure was okay, baby seems to growing fine, and all the tests so far have been good. He said my regular doctor could do all the monitoring from now on. YAY!!!

Only down side to this, no more 4D ultrasounds :( I did so love them. I must say, I was very disappointed this am when the girls didn't even get me one picture. They just checked his heartbeat, movement, breathing, and fluid levels. NOT ONE PICTURE!!!!! :(

We are talking induction at no later than 39 weeks, so that puts us around the week of May 16th at the latest. We are hoping my blood pressure stays under control for the next few weeks and then he just decides to come on his own. That is our prayer anyway.

Now, we're in waiting mode. Will keep you all posted, but unfortunately, no more sneak peaks. We will just have to wait until he arrives to see his little face again.

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