Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!

Mary came unto the tomb of Jesus, The stone was moved, He had gone away.
The angel said "Fear not, I know whom seek ye, for He has risen"
This she heard him say.
GONE the stone is rolled back, GONE the tomb is empty,
GONE to sit at the Father's side, GONE over death triumphant,
GONE sin is defeated, GONE He lives forever more!!!

A portion of one of my favorite Easter songs. I am so thankful Christ died for me, though I am most undeserving. That is what this holiday is all about, Jesus' death on the cross, burial in a tomb, and RESURRECTION from the dead. There is absolutely NOTHING we could ever do to earn our place in Heaven. The price has been paid, once for all. I live under the blood!!!!

This of course is cause to celebrate with our families. We choose a mixture of things. First priority, of course, is church service to worship the ONE who died for me and now lives. Yes, I do "fall" into the Easter attire tradition. I enjoy shopping for Easter clothes for our family. I must say, they clean up rather nice:) I unfortunately was unable to attend this year due to my bed rest orders. I even had a pretty purple dress to wear :(

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! If I do say so myself.

Then, yes, we do the traditional Easter eggs, Easter baskets and usually color Easter eggs.
Once again, unfortunately this year, I was unable to go out and get the coloring or prepare the eggs to dye. However, when Grandma comes down, I think we might try to get this one accomplished as well.
I see nothing wrong with celebrating and having fun as long as we remember what the day is truly about. We emphasize to our children that today is not about the Easter bunny, the eggs, candy or toys; though all those things are nice and fun. It is about Christ's death on the cross and what it means to us personally. I am thankful to say, all of my children that are old enough to understand have made personal professions of salvation and the younger ones (including Samuel) are prayed for daily so that when the time comes, they also will accept the One who gave His live for our sins.

You've seen the bumper sticker, you can't take it with you? Well, my husband and I disagree with that. We can take our most valuable gifts, our children. All because Jesus paid it ALL!!!


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