Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Craft

Well, better late than never. Due to the stomach virus invasion, we didn't get our Valentine craft finished until this week. It started out to be just a simple heart decoration. Then, it turned into a table center-piece.

First, we'll make the heart decorations. All you need is your color choices of tissue paper(we used light pink and pink), glitter, clear con-tact paper(at least two sheets), and red plastic wrap paper (we used valentine treat bags), red or pink ribbon, scissors and glue. Take your tissue paper and wrap paper and cut or tear them into various size pieces. Remove the backing of one of the pieces of con-tact paper and lay it down on the table sticky side up. Place the pieces of paper on the con-tact paper then the glitter leaving an edge around to seal it. Cover with the other piece of con-tact paper and press down to seal the two sheets together.
Don't they look ornery?
Again, more ornery kids having fun in school.
The finished product. Pretty huh? They did a pretty good job. Once we got them finished, the kids asked where we were going to hang them. Well, hadn't really thought about that. But then, I remembered my sister-in-laws blog about her Valentine's Day decorations and she made a Valentine tree. So, I sent the kids over into the neighbors yard (we don't have any trees and she doesn't mind) to find a branch or two to paint and hang the hearts on. They did pretty good. They found two little branches and we happened to have red and silver paint lying around and this is what we ended up with.
The kids were pretty proud of it. We set in on our table as our center-piece. They want to do one for St. Patrick's Day and Easter now. Guess I will be looking for some other center-piece projects to take on for those holidays.

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