Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Spice Cabinet

 Another awesome idea from hubby!!  We had an old built in ironing board cabinet in our kitchen from way back when:)  Obviously I don't use it!! It's not that I don't iron,  just not in the kitchen!!  So,  what to do with that wasted space???  To remove the whole cabinet would mean new drywall there,  we're just not into that right now,  so hubby thought it would be the perfect place for my spices.  Surprisingly,  he was right :o)  Just kidding, he's usually right!!

Here's the before and after pics:

Awesome,  I love it.  Plus,  it opens up another small cabinet I can use for pots and pans that I currently store in my oven (and quite frequently forget about when I turn the oven on).


  1. Awesome! I have an old ironing board cabinet, too. But it's down in the school room so it won't be holding my spices any time soon. But that's a great use of space for you!

  2. Looks great!!! Tell Hubby Mom says good thinking!