Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project 1 - Dry Erase Weekly Planner

I admit it,  I am a fan of Pinterest.  I love to look at everyone's ideas.  I am a Pinterest stalker!!  I have found some really cute and helpful ideas on there.

This is one of them, a dry erase weekly schedule board.  That's what calendars are for, right?  Well, I don't know about you,  but I have to walk right up to the calendar to see what's written on there.  Plus,  I can't always fit everything in those little squares (remember, I have 6 kids). Sure enough, things get missed!!!  I'm hoping between the cell phone alarms,  monthly calendar hanging up and my newly made weekly schedule (that I can see from across the room),  I will not miss a thing!!
Cute, and not terribly difficult or expensive to make.  I bought a very cheap (to the tune of $3) 12x16 picture frame at Wal-Mart and the rest is stuff I already had lying around.  I took different colors of scrapbook paper one for each day,  printed out the days of the week from my computer,  glued them all together, put them in the frame and wala........a dry erase weekly schedule board to display in the kitchen so everyone can see what is going on and when.  You don't want to use it for a schedule?  Well, how about a menu board??
I like this option too.  I just might have to make another one.  Don't mind my handwriting,  as long as the family can read it, we're good.

I have a couple other little projects I have found on Pinterest that I can't wait to work on.  Will let you know how those go as well.

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