Monday, May 21, 2012

Plan for the Week

Amazingly enough, the month of May is almost over.  Where does the time go??  That means,  I have a little over a month to get my house back together and plan/prepare for a major birthday party.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that two of my girls share a birthday as well as one of their cousins who was also born on the same day, so we try to have a big combined birthday party for them.  So far,  they seem to enjoy that,  but one day they may want a party of their own:( 

Anywhooo,  all that means a major overhaul of my house (again).  I have to get things back in their places, organized, and looking pretty!!  So, we're tackling one room at a time.  This week is the laundry room (I'll do before and after photos on another post).  I have to get all their fall/winter clothes finally put away and all their spring/summer clothes out, washed, and put in their place.  Easy enough task huh??  Well,  I assure you it will take all week, and I've been trying to work on it a little at  a time already:(  It's a hard enough battle if that is all I had to do,  but we still have to do school, continue to have clothes to wear during the week,  and all the other tasks to keep this house going.  Plus,  I'm sure I've mentioned,  I have 6 kids (three of which are girls who change clothes at least twice a day).  That's another thing I'm going to work on - you suppose there's a way I can lock their dressers??

So,  to make my week easier,  I've tried to prep several meals ahead of time.  I already have chicken fajita mix, taco mix, and homemade bagel bites ( linked to my sister-in-laws blog) in the freezer ready to grab, thaw, and go.  So, here's the menu for the week:

Monday - Honey Pecan Pork Chops (new recipe), caramelized squash, green beans, crescent rolls

Tuesday - homemade chicken nuggets,  baked sweet potatoes,  peas, corn

Wednesday - taco night

Thursday - chicken fajitas in the oven, rice

Friday - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn

Saturday - hot dogs

Sunday - I'm on my own cause hubby and the kids have Memorial Day plans and I have to work :(  so I'll probably just grab something on my way to work. 

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