Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Menu Plan - January 21

Always a day late and a dollar short.........   Yesterday was somewhat of a blur and late at night I remembered,  I didn't blog my menu.  I was too tired at that point to think anymore about it,  so here it is today.  Better late than never,  right??

Last week was rain, rain, rain which resulted in a mess in my basement which I am still dealing with.  This week brings cold, cold, cold.  Time to wrap up and stay inside for a week.  On a brighter note,  I'm back to my part-time schedule,  more time at home!!!  I'm happy,  the kids are happy,  all is well!!

On to the menu:

SUNDAY - Chicken casserole, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and bread

MONDAY - Steak, honey roasted sweet potatoes (recipe to follow), glazed carrots, and green beans

TUESDAY - Crock Pot Chili

WEDNESDAY - Chicken Gravy Biscuits, mashed potatoes, corn, and peas

THURSDAY - Veggie Soup, Grilled Cheese

FRIDAY - Baked Chicken, roasted potatoes, carrots

SATURDAY - BBQ Pork Chops, Mac n Cheese, Broccoli n Cheese, Corn Bread

I'm linking up to Menu Plan Monday over at Organizing Junkie.com.  I'm a little late this week,  but I'll just get to browse more blogs before me:)


  1. Jennifer, your week sounds like mine. The cold weather means soup at our house. And I'm making BBQ chicken in the oven with a side of mac and cheese. I smiled to see mac and cheese on your menu with the BBQ pork chops. Sounds busy there. Our youngest (of five) is almost 15, so life is not as busy as yours is, I am sure. I remember those days. And get a taste of it again when our five year old twin grands come over to play. I hope you have a good week with your littles. A blessed time of life. ~~Rhonda

  2. I haven't had to deal with a basement in almost 20 years. When it rains heavy in Las Vegas we do get flooded streets, parking lots and homes, sometimes.
    MPM definitely keeps me on track. I just need to work on getting it posted by Monday!
    Your menu plan looks delicious.
    Have a wonderful week!