Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Week in Review

Well,  the first full week of the new year is almost over and what have I accomplished???  When I look around my house, it doesn't seem like I've accomplished much at all.  The laundry mountain is still there.  There are ALWAYS dishes in the sink.  The girls' bedroom looks like a hurricane has went through. The  toys and clothes need to be gone through again and thinned out.

With all that I didn't get done,  I still seemed to accomplish a few things:

        1.  We cleaned up the school room and are ready to get back to school work since the break is over.

        2.  I took 4 bags of clothes the kiddos can't wear anymore to our local thrift store.

        3.  Of course we celebrated the New Year with our little family.  We let everyone stay up to ring in the         new year, but the two little ones just couldn't make it.

        4.  Everyone had three meals per day plus multiple snacks.

        5.  No one had to wear dirty clothes, though I think sometimes my boys do just to irritate me!!!

All in all,  a job well done, I think.

On top of the daily grind,  we added an eye appointment on Monday, Bible Club on Wednesday,  and CrossFit of Thursday.

I have to say though, the most interesting part of the week involved Princess #2.
Shortly after we got home from visiting family,  she complained about a knot under her arm that hurt.  I checked it out and sure enough,  a pea sized lump could be felt.  Being the nurse mom I am,  I figured it was a swollen lymph node left over from the week of illness we suffered before Christmas.  We'll just keep our eye on it!!!  WELL,  that pea sized lump turned into a ping pong sized knot and we decided it was time to get a MD's opinion.  Off to the pediatrician we go ---------  Diagnosis : Cat Scratch Disease!!!  Yep,  it does really exist. I had heard of it before,  but can honestly say had never known ANYONE who had been treated for it until now, so  I didn't know a lot about it.  The pediatrician made comments about the bacteria sometimes getting in the blood stream and  affecting her liver, etc. , etc..  Now,  being a nurse and a mom is sometimes a bit difficult.  The pediatrician always tells me like it is and I appreciate that,  so he laid it all on the table and very promptly ended with  being the normally healthy little girl she is, a round of antibiotics should take care of it.  So, of course,  we're checking that knot out EVERY day.  

These little cuties are the culprits!!!
 Princess with her Snowball kitty and notice Smokey in hubby's pocket.  Two spoiled kittens.
 See the love there.  

Hubby and I have had a cat since we were married.  This is our first experience with Cat Scratch Disease.  Hopefully with some constant griping about washing their hands and cleaning any and ALL scratches received from those cute little kitties it will also be our LAST!!!!

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