Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MIA and Happy New Year!!!

Well, needless to say,  I have been missing from the blog world.  It started with pneumonia for me.  Then,  5 of the 6 kiddos got the flu.  By the time we all got over all that,  I was SO FAR behind on my Christmas preparations it wasn't even close to funny.  Did I mention I had two days to catch all that up, work, pack, and head to WV to visit family.  So,  unfortunately, blogging was not high on my list of things to do.  So,  here is a wrap up of our Christmas in pictures:

 Our Christmas Tree with presents waiting to be opened.
 The best picture I got during our Christmas tree card picture session.  The most dreaded event of the season for the kiddos.
 The flu virus was so bad at our house that our elf got it.  Poor Elvin.
 The elf wanted to go with us to visit family.  
 Christmas at Pappy's house with my brother (in pic) and my sister.
 We got to play in snow while visiting family.  Here's daddy and baby Samuel.
Sled riding in WV at grandma and papaw's house!!!
 Samuel's tricycle
 After,  what a mess!!  Even though there were only a few presents a piece, with 6 kids that's a lot of wrapping.

Did I mention it was daddy's birthday?  What's a birthday without birthday cake?  Samuel sure enjoyed it.

With all that said/showed,  it is a new year.  Of course, with the  new year always comes things we want to change.  I have a few goals and hopefully will be able to keep them.

              1.  I want to have a stronger relationship with God: read my Bible, pray sincerely, converse with my                                            Saviour like I would my spouse or earthly father.

              2.  I would like for my house to get clean, get organized, and stay that way.  While I have a fairly good size house,  I also have 8 people living here and it shows.  I would like for each of us to do more to put our things away and keep them up.  That means we will ALL be helping to pick up after the little ones and hopefully teach them to LOVE a clean house.

              3.  Hubby has declared it a "fast-food" free year.  I don't know how this is going to work out,  but I know that puts a lot of work on me to plan, prepare, and budget!!!!  So,  I hope to have more "easy" heat up things in the freezer for lunches and prepare enough for leftovers for lunches.  

              4.  I also want the children to be more considerate and thoughtful of the things they say/do to each other.  I know that siblings bicker and fight,  but it seems that's all mine do sometimes.  I want to find some things that bring them together where they actually enjoy each other and help each other. (I'll take suggestions)

              5.  Here's one of my BIG ones.  Hubby and I work very hard to provide for our children.  That means that we often do not have a lot of "free" time to spend together as a family.  We also don't have a lot of "free" money to spend either.  However,  I want to make more family time.  Our little one is getting bigger so it opens up more that we can do.  I would like to plan a couple things, save some money and have some fun family time!!!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!!  May 2013 bring you much happiness and blessings.  

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