Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Plan Monday April 29

What a weekend!!  I can't even think clearly to speak yet.

I'm trying to teach my children that ALL actions have consequences and most adults I know haven't even learned this lesson yet!! Maybe, those that have just don't care about the consequences!!  Someone is always there to excuse their actions and behaviors!!

But,  I digress!!  On to this week.  Thankfully,  it's a new day and a new week!!!

Here's the meal plan:

MONDAY - Lasagna (I didn't get to this Sunday)

TUESDAY - Hamburgers on the grill, mac n cheese, peas

WEDNESDAY - Homemade pizza (maybe even on the grill)

THURSDAY - Chicken Giardino
FRIDAY - chicken gravy biscuits, mashed potatoes, corn

SATURDAY - Grilled steak, roasted potatoes,  glazed carrots, and birthday cake (Baby Samuel turns 2)

SUNDAY - Crock pot chicken,  Crock pot sweet potatoes (new recipe),  green beans, homemade bread, and more birthday cake (We celebrate birthdays until the cake is ALL gone)

Here's to a better week than weekend!!


For more menu ideas and some incredible recipes,  visit Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday.

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