Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catching Up Days 16-23

So, I got REALLY behind while I was in WV.  It's time to get caught up.  16 - I'm thankful for safety while traveling.  On the way to WV,  I drove in rain almost the entire trip.  I saw 4 accidents before we ever got out of SC.  17 - Thankful for dear friends!  I have some very dear friends and only one of them still live in SC.  That leads me to 18 - modern technology which allows me to keep in touch with my far away friends (you all know who you are!!)  18 - God's provision - plenty of food in the cabinets and the mortgage and utilities are all paid for the month.  19 - Dependable transportation; 2 full size vans that get us where we need to go when so many have to juggle schedules due to one vehicle.  20 - I'm thankful for the blessing of being able to provide the wants as well as needs for our family. 21 - Thankful for time spent with family.  I enjoyed the few days I was able to spend in WV.  22 - I am thankful I was able to get some Christmas shopping done and get EVERYTHING I need for our Thanksgiving feast.  23 - Today I am thankful for this beautiful weather.  Sunshine this morning and temps in the upper 60's!  Whoot Whoot!!!  Love this South Carolina weather, even when it's cold, cause I'm here to tell you it could be worse, I know from experience. 

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