Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Get It Cleaned Up - Day 1

So,  I have to admit it,  I do not like housework.  I could go as far to say I hate housework,  but since I don't let my children say they hate things,  I guess I can't do that.  I can tell you I've NEVER liked housework,  I would rather be outside mowing grass than cleaning a toilet!!!  However,  with 8 people living in this house,  someone has to oversee the chores, and being MOM,  I guess that someone is me!!

There is only about 3 full weeks left before the "normal" schools get back into session,  so I'm taking a couple rooms each week and getting them cleaned up and "organized".  The trick here will be keeping the completed rooms together while moving on.  I'm going to document the progress (or lack thereof) here to keep myself honest. 

Week 1, Day 1  -  Kitchen counters

I'm ashamed to say my kitchen counters are the catch all for EVERYONE!!  I could try to explain it,  but it's easier to just show you. 

 Ignore the mess under the sink,  I cannot help that!  There were some flooring and plumping issues that had to be taken care of and the built-in cabinets were pretty much tore apart.  I'm awaiting new doors to be put up, but in the mean time, I may get a curtain to cover that up!! Note the 2 dishwashers and I still have dirty dishes in my sink :(
 The counter right beside the front door, notice my purse and camera (shame on me).
The appliance counter that seems to also be the snack counter!!??

I went into cleaning mode and it took all of 45 minutes to get the counters cleaned off, wiped off, and what was suppose to go on them back.  The other stuff was either put away or just "moved" to another location, waiting on that rooms turn!!

 Much less clutter, only the canisters, silver fruit bowl, silver ware holders, baby monitor, and a candle!!
 No dishes in the sink!! 
Only the appliances on the appliance counter!!  
While this counter still seems a little cluttered,  it is the bread, chips, and paper products spot!  At least the purse and camera were put away!!

Today's challenge is the small pantry cabinet in the kitchen, the main bathroom cabinet, and my bedroom!!

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  1. I don't know what it is, but a clean counter seems to make people want to clutter it up! I fight the clutter battle on a daily basis too.