Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Get It Cleaned Up - Day 2

Well, as usual, yesterday did NOT go as planned.  I only got one of my three tasks completed :(  I started out pretty well, but then had to run an errand for hubby,  a dear friend came over with her two children, fix supper, football practice (for the boys, not me lol), swimming, showers and bed.  By then,  I was ready to fall in the bed myself. 

However,  I was able to keep the sink cleaned out, the counters cleaned off, and I did get the main bathroom drawers and cabinets cleaned out and organized.  Here are the before pictures.  Be warned,  it wasn't pretty!!!

Everything was just kinda thrown in there,  what a mess.  It is amazing anyone could find anything in there. 


I filled an entire garbage bag with things out of these drawers and cabinets.  Once again, the challenge will be getting everyone to keep them like this!!!  Now, on to today's challenge: the kitchen pantry, the hallway closet, and hopefully my bedroom!!  If you don't hear from me in the next couple days,  send out the search and rescue!!! 

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