Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Operation Kitten Rescue July 13, 2012

This is what my Friday the 13th revolved around. 

Isn't she cute?  I'm a softy, I admit it!!  I get this call from one of my boys at their dad's shop.  He asked me to bring milk and some cat food for this little kitten that has been hanging around.  As you all know,  if you feed them,  they will stay!!!  But,  being the good mommy I was, I took him just what he asked for, after all,  it wasn't at the house!! 

Of course the story doesn't end there.  I get to the shop,  see this poor, sad-lookin', little kitty with drainage in her eyes and a nasty wound on her neck.  She doesn't even look old enough to be away from her momma.  How in the world is she gonna survive?  My boys of course are doing the "can we keep her"  bit and all I'm thinking is, she'll never make it here,  she'll get hit on the road.  BUT,  what if she has some terrible kitty disease?  I don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on this little kitten. 

Here's where my loving boys come in.  They want to keep little kitten (now named Roxy) so they offer to pay the vet bills up to $200.00 ($100.00 each).  Aren't they sweet?  So, off to the vet we go.  Turns out,  Roxy is about 4-5 weeks old,  in very good health for a stray, with an upper respiratory infection, and apparently some pretty nasty puncture wounds (most likely where another animal bit her).  We are sent home with eye drops and antibiotics that she has to have 2-3 times per day and another appointment in 2 weeks. 

Roxy's first road trip is to see grandma in WV.  We had to go pick up our girls and couldn't very well leave this little thing in the house without her medicine,  so she came along.  Turns out, she's a pretty loving little thing and likes LOTS of attention.  Good thing there are 6 kiddos at my house who are willing to give her just that!!

Welcome to the family Roxy!!  Hope you're a good kitty!

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