Thursday, July 26, 2012

Let's Get It Cleaned Up - Day 3

Yesterday showed a little more progress and I got to use POWER TOOLS!!!!!  That's right,  I used hubby's power tools, without him even knowing (well, until Mr Gamer told on me). I think I did a pretty good job too. 

Let's start with what the two closets looked like before I started:

 This is the kitchen closet (pantry).  That's so embarrassing!! It most certainly was a "catch-all", throw it in there closet.    I don't even use a swiffer anymore.
 One of my little helpers had already tore everything out of the hallway closet before I got a picture, but you probably have a pretty good idea of what it looked like.

 This closet is where the power tools came into play.  I cut the two shelves and the boards to hold the shelves up.  I'm so proud!!  Then,  I had a couple of hooks and put them under the shelves to hold my work bags and cooler bags.  The shelves are to hold cleaning stuff, paper towels, reusable shopping bags, and sweeper parts.  I cut the shelves a little short so that I could put my steamer and floor vac in there as well.
 The hallway closet is suppose to be for towels and linens, however, there were all kinds of things in there. We sorted and folded and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
The floor can store our carpet vac, spot steamer, and extra bathroom necessities.  Now,  if I can get everyone to keep it this way.  

Today's task is a little more paper oriented.  My hubby owns a small business and a lot of his paperwork is scattered over my living room on two tables.  The goal today is to sort through and put info into the computer, so he can file some of that stuff away and get it out of the main part of our house.  Oh,  and continuing on in our bedroom.  It's a mess in there.  However,  I'm afraid it will be until we get the shelves in the closets.  I have NOWHERE to put our clothes, so they are in baskets all around our room.  SOMEDAY!!!! 

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