Friday, September 14, 2012

Lessons Learned : The Extremely Hard Way

I know everyone has stories they use to teach a lesson.  I am no different.  As a matter of fact,  yesterday gave me another on: a rather scary and embarrassing one!!

Let's just start at the beginning.  It was another typical day at the crazy, busy house; we finished school, headed out to lunch,  Wal-Mart, then the library.  Sounds normal so far, right?  Well, it was a typical rush-rush day.  The boys had football practice,  so we had to be home at a certain time and I had to have supper ready before hubby got home a little after 5.  We got home about 4:15, got the van of groceries and stuff unloaded, got a call from hubby with his estimated time of arrival home, and calculated dinner prep.  Fortunately,  I had put beef and gravy in the crock pot earlier in the day,  so all that was needed was noodles.  Easy enough??  I put the pan of water on the stove, turned it on, and realized I hadn't been to the bathroom since before we left the house (having had 6 kids,  that's pretty good).  I couldn't wait any longer!! Needless to say a quick bathroom trip to empty the bladder turned into side tracked and longer than planned!!  When I emerged from the bathroom,  I immediately smelled smoke and when I turned the corner, I SAW the smoke.  Oddly enough,  I had a child in the classroom oblivious and another lying on the couch in the living room (right beside the kitchen) also oblivious.  The only child aware of the fire was my 4 year old who was frantically looking for me!!  When I stepped into the kitchen,  I immediately knew what I had done.  I had turned the wrong burner on.  The one with the small bowl of grease with a towel over it was the one I turned to high!!!  Needless to say,  there was a fire!!!!  The grease had caught fire then caught the dish towel.  At this point, it was more than just a little simmering fire,  it was flaming above the top of the stove!!  
 Wall beside the stove with smoke damage!!
 Wall behind the stove with smoke damage!!

I can say,  I kept the calm long enough to make sure the children were out of the house,  get the fire out, and throw the breaker turning all power off to the house (not sure that would have helped at all,  but my brain said to do it and it made me feel a little more at ease).  I then proceeded to go up into the attic making sure there wasn't any flames or smoke up there since the exhaust fan was melted and involved.

I then called the hubby!!  This is were the break down occurred.  I started crying as soon as I heard his voice,  I almost couldn't tell him what I had done.  I can say,  I have married the calmest, most understanding man on the face of this earth!!!  I just new he was going to flip!!  I MESSED up BIG TIME!!!  Oh,  did I mention it was my new oven, less than 6 months in place???  He very calmly asked if everyone was okay, was the fire out,  and told me he was on his way!!  LOVE HIM!!!
My stove is obviously ruined,  but my house is still intact with minor damage!!  That leads me to the very costly security system we pay monthly for.  When the fire alarm FINALLY went off (after I had the fire out),  hubby got a call from the system,  but was busy and didn't answer.  If I got a call,  I was a little busy fighting a fire,  so I didn't answer.  All that said,  they should have immediately dispatched the fire department!!  Well, 10-15 minutes went by and NO fire truck!!  I then received a call from the security system telling me they had received a panic fire alarm and was everything okay.  WELL,  yes and no!!  Yes,  there was a fire!!  Yes,  I think I've got it out!!  NO everything is not okay!  Where in the heck are the fire trucks you dispatched?  "Well ma'am,  I've spent the last 10 minutes trying to find a number to the fire department in your area.  Do you happen to know it?"  911 lady!!  Had it been worse,  I could have lost my whole house under the false assurance that my security system had dispatched the fire department!!!  I didn't call because I thought they had.  Thank you Lord for protecting my family and my home in my minutes of carelessness!!  Just proves a minute can change your entire life!!

On a positive note,  as soon as I yelled fire,  Mr Gamer grabbed the two little ones immediately and booked it outside to the pool (our meeting spot).  I found the girls in their room and told them and they booked it outside to the pool.  You go over these things and wonder if it really sinks in,  hoping you never have to find out.  I'm thankful it sunk in and they did exactly what they have been taught!!  

I'm so thankful it wasn't worse!!  I'm thankful I didn't lose more than my stove and hubby wasn't too upset.  



  1. Glad everyone is okay and hope you can get that stove replaced soon!

  2. That sounds like it was scary, but you and your children all kept your heads. I'm glad everyone is OK!

  3. The LORD is good!!! Not the easiest way to find out if the kids remember where to meet in emergency situations! I was so afraid I'd turn on the wrong burner when I was there. Glad and thankful all is well!

  4. You did the right thing, Jennifer! If you haven't turned off the electricity, something must have already exploded, which would have put you more at risk. Oh, and what's up with the security system personnel? It's a good thing you were able put out the fire immediately.

    Emely Carmichael