Monday, September 10, 2012

The Drama in the Kitchen

I know from reading the title,  you're automatically thinking this post is about food.  Well,  it all did start when I went into the kitchen to get the baby his sippy cup first thing this morning.  Hubby says, "Hey, look over here".  I assume I am going to turn around and see some cute little baby actions going on.  Boy was I WRONG!!!

I turned a saw THIS!!!

Well, not this one exactly ( I wasn't risking it escaping while I ran for the camera), but one very similar.  It was HUGE!!  There it was just sitting along the base boards in MY kitchen. Now,  I'm very proud to say my reactions have tamed down considerably.  Usually, I would be jumping around yelling, "KILL IT, KILL IT"!!!  Since there are 3 able bodied males in my house (I don't  count baby Samuel YET,  I would NEVER make a little one get that close to a spider),  I should NOT have to deal with this.  HOWEVER, hubby is standing right by it and is not making any effort to remove it from my presence and my teenage boys are slowly trying to get themselves awake.  As a matter of fact,  I'm being informed that "these spiders aren't harmful,  they kill other bugs".  I DON'T CARE!!!  Is me having a panic attack not harmful??  That argument MIGHT have worked if I had come across it in HIS garage.

 They left me no choice!  It was up to me.  I could not risk it getting away and me not knowing where it might turn up later (my bed, my shower, my clothes, you get the picture).  I grabbed the nearest shoe and very quickly pounded that thing as hard as I could.  Multiple times I might add, wouldn't want to risk it crawling towards me while I'm that close.  Problem solved!!  Now,  who's going to pick it up and throw it outside??

Have I conquered my fear of "creepy crawlies"!!  Doubtful!!  I'm still going to yell for one of these guys that live in this house next time I come across one.  If I have to take care of many more of these on my own,  I believe some boys might be finding a lot of creepy crawlies in THEIR rooms (in a container they can't escape from, of course).  Well, not hubby, that would be putting them right back in my realm.  Insert evil laugh here,  whaahahahahahahahahah!!!

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