Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mini-Me Turns 4

Today is Mini-Me's birthday!!  Has it been four years already?  That is so hard to believe, my baby girl is growing up way to fast.  She's in preschool now, as she so often likes to tell people.

I can remember the day of her birth so clearly.  Starting with my water breaking at 4am and barely any contractions.  Hubby was his cool, calm, and collected self, even though we had NO ONE to keep our other children since we had told his mom I definitely would NOT go early.  We called our neighbor around 7am so we could go on to the hospital.  Then, my friend Jill came after her morning class to stay until hubby's sister arrived from Alabama.  We gave her the early morning call as well, so she could start frantically running around her house packing up her clothes and kiddos since I surely wouldn't go early!!!  Babies and kids make a liar out of us every time!!!    

It was smooth sailing from then on...........well, kinda!!!  We sat at the hospital patiently waiting for contractions to start thinking surely since my water broke,  they would come soon,  but NO!!!  The doctor finally started some Pitocin (that is an EVIL medication) and then things started moving rather QUICKLY!!  In fact,  I almost didn't get my epidural and my most 'pleasant' nurse (note the sarcasm)  declared to my doctor that I "felt" like I had to push,  but that just wasn't possible because she had just checked me and NO ONE goes that quickly.  WELL,  I DID!!!  Maybe she forgot the fact that this was baby #5!!  Anywhoooo,,,,,  Mini-Me arrived safely at 3:38pm and she was BEAUTIFUL, if I do say so myself!!!
Now, she's growing up before my very eyes.  She is still struggling with not being the baby since Baby Samuel came along, but she's doing better.  She is realizing that there is plenty of love to go around.  We have been trying very hard to acknowledge her "big girl" behaviors and let some of the baby things slide under the radar.

Her cake request this year was a mermaid cake.  They are really starting to challenge my limited cake decorating skills, I must say!!  I gave it a try though and this is what she ended up with.  Hope she likes it!!

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