Thursday, August 30, 2012

Roxy and Rhino

Today, during school, our kitten discovered our dwarf hamster.  While the little hamster does dwell in our home,  he is not one of my favorite pets.  However,  I do feel a little bad for him while Roxy lies in wait for a moment alone to try and get him.  Turns out our little Roxy is a hunter of all that moves: crickets, flies, strings,  balls, FEET!  You name it,  she pounces on it.  
 Checking Rhino out.
She needed a closer view.

If you look really well at the pictures,  you can see where there are a couple parts missing from the cage.  I can only say that Rhino runs so hard on his wheel that he has knocked his whole cage off the shelf, which broke one of the tunnels.  Of course,  we had to fix it with tape!!  Just a little redneck:)  Honestly,  I'm a little surprised he is still alive.  He's knocked himself off the shelf at least twice. Being a rodent and running loose in our house with 2 cats and a dog can't be very safe!!  

Funny though,  this whole thing got me thinking how some days I feel like poor Rhino.  Stuck on a wheel, running my little heart out and getting NOWHERE!!! I spend all day schooling,  cooking, cleaning, and refereeing(sp?)  and at the end of the day the question is still asked what I've done all day.  Of course, I get defensive, because I feel like I've got a lot accomplished,  even if it's not visible to anyone that enters the door.  For a brief moment (and I do mean brief),  I feel for our little Rhino.  I kinda understand!!  He runs and runs and gets nowhere, and that pesky cat is still there.  Fortunately,  I don't have a cat sitting in wait for me!!!  

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