Friday, August 3, 2012

Back to Weight Watchers

It's official!!  I have once again paid money to join a weight loss program.  I tried it on my own with no accountability and I have NO will power!! However, if I pay money for something,  I'm going to see it through,  I dislike spending money for nothing!!  It's hard when EVERYONE around me is eating what they want, and asking me to make cookies, cupcakes, and yummy desserts!!  NOT FAIR!!!!

But enough with the pity party.  I have a LOT of weight to loose after all these years of having babies and keeping the weight.  I really dislike those women who come out of the hospital after having a baby in their normal clothes.  UGH!!!!

One of the reasons I like weight watchers is because I can still eat my everyday food as long as it's in my point range.  I also like the fact that they encourage me to set small goals, reach that one, and then move on.  They don't focus on the "big" numbers, because obviously that gets discouraging.  So, my first goal is 10 pounds.  I can do that.  I'm trying to decide on whether to document my progress on this blog or start another one linked to weight watchers.  I can barely keep up with this one!  We'll see...... any thoughts, suggestions??  

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