Sunday, August 12, 2012

Are You Willing to Carry Your Corner?

Obviously a question nobody will understand until I give a little background.  Our pastor is out of town and we had a guest speaker at church tonight.  That speaker so happens to be a friend of hubbies and his wife is a dear friend of mine.  I must say that until tonight I had never heard a complete message from Pastor Tim.  I was either at work or in the nursery with a baby.  So,  I was so thrilled to be able to sit through the message, with the exception of a potty trip with Mini-Me.

The text was from Luke 5:18-26 where the man with the palsy is lowered through the roof to get to Jesus.  In my life I had heard many messages from this passage and heard the story multiple times in Sunday School,  but I do not recall it in this manner.  My focus/remembrance is on the men who carried the man with palsy to Jesus.  The illustration he gave was to have his son carried around on a mat by 4 boys/men in the church.  The point??  Well,  how focused are we (Christians) on getting the helpless and hopeless to Jesus?  How much effort do I put into helping get people to Jesus?  Keeping in mind always that it isn't anything that I do that would get anyone saved,  but I can be the light, the lead,  the help someone needs to get there.  I can sow the seed and Jesus will do the rest.  All I have to do is carry my corner.   Sadly,  for me the answer to ALL of those questions would have to be NOT ENOUGH!!

I have all kinds of excuses - I'm too shy,  I don't run into that many people,  I just don't know what to say, etc.,etc.,........................  I could go on.  I do struggle with being a witness,  not because I'm ashamed of my faith,  but because most times,  I just truly don't know what to say or how to say what I want.   BUT, with God's help and lots of prayer, I want to carry my corner. 

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