Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daily Assignment Folders

As I have mentioned before,  I still work part-time while homeschooling.  I work every other weekend and one day per week.  On my weekend off,  we do school work on Saturday (UGH, inserted by my children), but on the other week,  I have to make assignments that the children can do with minimal assistance.  I've been toying with various things,  and have come up with an assignment folder. 
This picture is a little hard to see,  but I put their names on them and then a few school stickers. Then, I turned them loose with the rest of the stickers (on the back of course) and here is our assignment folders. 

What I've decided to do is put extra practice worksheets from whatever we're working on through the week, Then,on the day I work,  they complete their worksheets.  This allows us to not lose a day of school and gives them extra practice in their subjects. 

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