Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simply Samuel

I don't know why it seems this baby is into SOOOO much more than the others!  Maybe, it's because there are so many other things I'm focused on?  Maybe, he watches the older kiddos and does the whole copy cat routine?  OR MAYBE,  I'm just OLD??  I'll go with the I'm just old thought. 

Here are just a couple of examples of what this child gets into on an average day:
  In sissy's desk with New Testament Bible in one hand and school papers in the other!!
 Can I get a little higher on this desk??
 Note: different desk,and now he's completely up on top!!  Little mountain goat!! LOL
 My personal favorite,  caught him pulling out the baby wipes one by one.  Of course when I said his name, he just  proceeded to grin from ear to ear.  When the camera was spotted ,"CHEESE"!!!  Love that boy!!  

My kiddos sure keep me awake and busy during the day!!  Now,  if they would just let me sleep at night,  all would be good!!!

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